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Recruiters spend no more than 10 seconds looking at your CV - 43% are discarded because of grammatical and spelling errors and 50% are vetted out by the talent management software due to the lack of customization to the role.

Qualifications alone won’t land you the job of your dreams. A brilliant CV carefully crafted to match the job for which you are applying, and a tremendous interview performance very well could.

Vital Front can help. We offer :

Learn the foundational skills to craft a pitch perfect CV for your next application. Receive format examples, writing guidance and coaching on how to tailor your CV for each job you are applying to.

Develop a mental model to respond to the most common (and often toughest) questions asked in interviews. Prepare for anything and walk in confident to tackle what comes your way.

A little about me

Nitisha Agrawal

With a background in Computer Science and an MBA from the University of Oxford, UK, I’ve learned how to connect the dots and portray the right information in the right way for the right audience. Professionally, I’ve worked in startups and Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs and Amazon.

Throughout my career, I have interviewed for a wide range of roles and know the CV mistakes made and interview challenges faced by graduating students and young professionals.

I want to use my experience of what interviewers look for to help you create your next application and get that job.

Every person is unique. Every story can be compelling. The difference is in delivery, and I can help.

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