Slip Of Tongue?

Slip Of Tongue?

by Pranet Kumar October 22, 2020

I completed my undergraduate studies at PES Institute of Technology in Bangalore where I received a B.E. in Computer Science. After a 4 year stint across tech and ops firms, I went to Saïd Business School, University of Oxford and got myself an MBA. I am currently employed as a Senior Vendor Manager at Amazon in London in the Wireless category where I am responsible for end-to-end P&L management of 8 of our key brands across EU5. I am also the lead PM on the Amazon financing initiative across EU5 which allows customers to own premium products as lower up-front costs.

What we asked him … 

Taking you down memory lane now. You have given and taken multiple interviews since graduating from engineering college. Can you tell us about an interview experience in college that you didn’t get through, your learnings from it and interview advice you would give your 20 year old self?

What he had to say …

During my final year of engineering, I interviewed with quite a few reputable firms to try and secure a job. One such company was Qualcomm, the semiconductor giants. I was keen on landing role with them because they consistently ranked high in the list of global companies with high employee satisfaction and had a very competitive benefits package. After having aced all my technical interviews, I was quite confident about landing the job. In my final interview with the head of HR, I was asked about the “craziest thing I had done in the last four years of engineering”. And without batting an eyelid, I told them about a page I managed on a social media platform that was dedicated to poking fun at our professors at university. About 30 minutes later, I was told I was unsuccessful and wouldn’t be offered the role.

Looking back at this incident, I learnt that while interviewing, it is important to be cautious with what you share and the words you use.

While talking about your academic or sporting achievements is acceptable, boasting about activities that some may find questionable, is not. After the debacle in this interview, anytime I am asked about “something crazy I have done”, I talk about having conquered my fear of heights and gone sky diving in 2013 🙂