Importance Of Upskilling

Importance Of Upskilling

by Piyush Agrawal October 25, 2020

Currently a Senior Manager for Global Service Delivery at Global IT Organization. Responsibilities include hiring and building teams that collaborate to deliver delightful service to global customers. Acquiring the right talent with the right service mindset is a continuous process. With a global customer landscape, besides project specific skills, we look for candidates with cultural sensitivity, with passion to compete against their own best and ones who believe their growth and hard work will impact the future. Digital skills under-pin most roles.

What we asked him …

Difficult times are part of everyone’s life. As a hiring manager, what advice would you give to fresh graduates looking for a job in this year?

What he had to say …

As technology evolves and changes quickly, attitude, sincerity and soft skills cut across all roles in an organization. One needs patience to find a blend of these skills with professional skills. This is not easy and at times couple of interactions are required to assess a prospective candidate from a 360 degree view.

1) Having said that, I believe, on other side of fear (pandemic/any other event affecting the global job climate) is an opportunity. The pandemic specifically has taught us to re-invent our business models. The same is true for job seekers – re-invent yourself, reskill and acquire relevant skills; top it up with right attitude, growth mindset and desirable soft skills; continue to enhance your communication and articulation skills. This is not an end state, instead it is a continuous journey.

Time couldn’t be more right to invest in yourself. While we need to stay safe, take care of ourselves, our families and near and dear ones, we also realize the importance of acquiring new skills to prepare for the future. Several jobs of the future are not invented yet. Some current jobs will become irrelevant a decade later.

The lifecycle of a skill has shrunk to 18 -24 months. Reskilling is the new Mantra.

Up until a decade ago, going to college used to be a life event, like marriage. That is not true anymore. We live in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and to stay relevant, we need to stay on the edge by continuously upskilling or cross-skilling.

2) Be Curious. Curiosity is mother of learning which in turn fuels growth. Stay current – stay relevant. Don’t underestimate yourself, learn to unfold your own story and value things which already exist. I believe that everyone has some inner power, some strength, some potential that needs to be unleashed. Go beyond yourself, go past Comfort Zone.

3) While applying for a new job or during job change, get your beginning right – the CV. One does not get another chance to make the first impression and this couldn’t be more true to your resume. A journey well begun is half-done, applies to creating that concise resume; your written sales pitch aimed at getting you past the first gate. Remember, your resume is not an administrative document or a universally standardized record of your work history. Frame & present your achievements in a matter that best represents you and also matches your employer’s requirements.