Creating Your Next Job Application ?

Let's Do That Together !

Some people might agree with me here – I went on to study computer science engineering because my parents thought it would be best path at that point of time, back in 2009. With some interest and support from family, the college and friends, I graduated on the hall of fame. A degree well earned and story over? Not really, since a good grade doesn’t really guarantee anything, right?

I went through at least 20 interview rejections before I cleared my Goldman Sachs interview. I have since then, worked in the technology, operations, supply chain and product management fields in cities around the world.

I have learnt from and built on these experiences. The wonderful mentors I have had at each stage have helped me navigate and succeed, and now, I want to pass this on and help you succeed.

I want to get to know you, understand your goals and how I can help - Let's get started ?

My Mission

Every person is unique. Every story can be compelling. The difference is in delivery, and I can help.

Throughout my career, I’ve interviewed multiple people for a wide range of roles. I know the challenges you face. I see the discomfort faced by recent and soon-to-be graduates every day, accomplished individuals just trying to land the right job.

I want to help you craft the right message for a lasting impact and provide a mental model to follow for CVs and interviews for you to be able to implement and modify anytime in the future too!

Your Future

Most large companies use talent-management software that removes up to 50% of CVs and applications before they ever reach human hands.

No one wants their future decided by a heartless algorithm. That’s why it is so important that your CV meets the baseline standards for success.

Vital Front works with you to build that baseline and more by creating a compelling story through your CV and interviewing skills to make a lasting impression that puts you in the upper echelon of candidates.

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